07 June 2010

That is all.

03 June 2010

I feel so extraordinary, Something's got a hold on me

That is the song I'm listening to. But by Anberlin, not the other guy(s)[?]

Speaking of Anberlin, I went to see them in Poughkeepsie on Sunday, and it was a great show. I danced and sang a lot, and screamed, and went deaf for a few hours. I brought my brother and our friend with me, and my brother got leaned on by the singer for Story of the Year, Dansomething. Then, because he felt bad about it (maybe?) he held the microphone to him to let him sing. Like a "Sorry I broke your head. Here's a consolation prize." Then, whilst Anberlin was on stage, the guitarist named Christian McSomething threw his pick on the floor, in front of my brother, and he picked it up. It was made with Anberlin's logo and the guy's signature on it. He also almost got a drum stick, but some kid was also tugging on it, and my brother let him have it. So, it was a great first show for my brother, and that makes me happy! All I really wanted was to dance and sing, and I did, so it was a good show for me, too.

Speaking of my brother, he's heading down to D.C. now, for the senior trip. I'm hoping he has a good friggin' time. Last night, I made him a goodbye card.

I'm applying for a job at the Humane Society in Hudson. They need someone to work on their computer system(s?), and when I spoke with the manager, all the stuff he needed was stuff I can do pretty well. He said it's kind of unlikely that they'll take me, because I'll be leaving for school in August, but he asked for my resumé anyway, so I can still hope, right? It'll be better that working for Otto, that's for sure.

Dante thinks he's a lap dog and jumped on me. I'd have taken a photo, but we have no lights in the kitchen except for a lamp behind me. All our lights down here are broken. :-(

Here's some photos:

My Favourite Flower

Me and my best friend from high school, my dearest Chibi.
She's wearing two different coloured contacts, and I have to remind myself of that sometimes.