02 July 2009

Iced Coffee

I haven't written here in a while. Somehow, I've come to rely more on the journal in my room than the one online, I guess mostly because I can whine all day long and no one will get upset or annoyed with me. It's also easier to draw in the journal.
I'm in such a bad mood. I was supposed to go to Lake Taghkanic today, and that failed because it freaking rained. It was going to be my first chance to hang out with Jamie this summer, too.
People think that I'm in a bad mood every single day, even when I'm happy, and it's really starting to annoy me. Even when I tell people that I'm doing okay, they feel like I'm being defensive because I'm angry. It's really annoying.
I wonder if it might be the bad weather that is putting me in such a bad mood. It's ruining plans, and just making things unpleasant, so it's not too hard to think that the rain has something to do with my mood.

She was the kind of girl whose gaze and thoughts were almost always aimed at the sky. She was dismissed as dreamy, aloof, but no one seemed to notice that her habits were the result of being so firmly stuck in the ground, buried to her neck in earth and its realities.