28 May 2010


I've been here for two weeks now. I am still not working, and I'm not excited to get to it, either.
I have no photos to show today. They are all on my computer upstairs, and I'm using my dad's computer.
Cinder nearly fell off my bed this morning because...I have no idea. I just know that I heard startling noises and saw her trying to climb the stuffed rabbit toy back to safety.
Dante sucks mostly.
I've become a chauffeur for my father's girlfriend, driving her to and from her workplace. Kind of awkward.
I'm going to see Anberlin and Story of the Year on Sunday with my brother and our friend, Rosko. I hope I can make it to Poughkeepsie well enough.
I miss school already.
Today, I am wearing a tie with a zipper pattern on it.
There is a slight chance that I will be able to work at the Humane Society doing stuff on their computers, assuming it's stuff I can actually do. Who knew working at the school's IT department could potentially come in handy, somehow? I believe, however, that the job will involve some kind of programming or something, which would mean I'm out of luck, but I'm going to ask about it anyway, if that manager ever calls me back. It would sure be an interesting job to have.
Tonight, I'm going to cook something involving soba noodles, assuming they are still any good.

11 May 2010

I knew nothing good would come from city folk and their flying machines!

This is how I feel about Possum after she jumped onto the heater vent and nearly fell off when I went to retrieve her.

This is my last post of the semester. Who knows when I'll be on the internet again? When I'm at my dad's, I tend to do things like go for walks whenever I'm bored enough to consider the internet. I'm sure I'll find interesting things on my explorations though, so I'll be sure to talk about them. Philmont is a great place to find weird things. Like EXIT signs.

So here I am, drinking the milk I thought I would have finished by now. I've let the rats out to play on my bed for what might be the last time for the semester. I have to keep checking on Possum, to make sure she hasn't escaped to the desk, the window sill, or the heater vent, or isn't chewing on something.
Cinder, on the other hand, is running all over the place. She's just sprinting all over the bed, jumping up and running in the opposite direction. It's funny to watch, but mostly I'm happy that she is so energetic.
I'm not sure what else to say. I want the popcorn that I took a bag out for, but that I'm incapable of finishing by myself. I should be studying for the physics final tomorrow, but I'm getting up early to do it.
When my phone vibrates, the first thing I think is, "Hello Twitter." Send me some messages sometime, okay?

Here's a feather I found. I didn't take it home.

Here's a pansy I found. I edited it to look like what I imagine would happen if I was on acid and the world became green.

Here it is with all the lines blurred.

With every colour gone except purple and yellow.

Here's what it looks like when I haven't messed with it in weird ways.

Here's a fire hydrant chain I found. I wanted to take it home, but couldn't, because I didn't also want the fire hydrant.

Here's some steamy road after it rained one day. That building over there is the one I lived in this year.

Black and white

Just some green stuff.

Last week, Grant, Meranda, and I went to the mall, where we played DDR. Grant bought Mother's Day chocolates. He gave me a mint one, because I told him I had never had one; he told me that's a horrible crime. Grant is almost disturbingly good at DDR for his personality. Also, Meranda never ever sits in the front of my car unless it's just the two of us, and even then I sometimes have to tell her that it's okay for her to do that.

I found this piece of paper on the ground a couple of weeks ago. I happened to notice it on my way to dinner and walked halfway across the field behind the library to retrieve it.

This is what the back says.

I passed it on.