25 August 2009

New is news

It's time for a new semester to begin. So many things are different. I'm living with someone this year. Bill's all the way in Pittsburg. Lisa's going to Rochester. Things are crazy.
I'm already at school, a few days early, because I have to go to training for work and stuff. It was kind of a mess, but I'm all moved in and unpacked. I'm tired.
I have two rats. It was hell to get them, and now keeping them is something I'm worried about. I've already been found out by the RD, and I'm trying to think of something. I'm going to try to work with the staff at Residence Life, an appeal of sorts to allow students to have caged animals on campus. I want students to be able to have the pleasure of having an animal to love and care for and cheer them up without having to sneak around. Maybe it'll work.
So here they are:

This is Possum

This is Cinder.

They are both really sweet and playful, and it's so nice to have them around. I hope to be able to keep them here, or very close by, so that I can easily see them every day.