24 January 2010

Remember to breathe

You know when you watch nature shows, and you see an old alpha male and a younger male fight for dominance, and you secretly wish for the old guy to win?

I don't know why this template doesn't put a space between the post and the post date. I'll have to figure that out sometime.

"It took me a lot of years to find my personal bridges back from the hidden corners of my own psyche, and years to become aware when I was creating drama in my life to mimic the intensity of the inner exploration so that I could then use the created drama for my work, at the expense of people I love."
Architecture for the Soul. Rosanne Cash. (Performing Songwriter, Vol. 8, Issue 52; March/April 2001)

23 January 2010

No posts to twitter for a while. It's a little pointless by now.

22 January 2010

There was a twitter thing with this template. It lead to the developer's page, and that was lame, so I found the code chunk and deleted it.
I was doing okay.
I'm not anymore.